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Spring Break Written in Sand

Spring Break for Introverts

Spring break time is nearly upon us, and it turns out, not everyone wants to go to the ocean to socialize. 2020 is the year of the introvert. Celebrated are those who like to bury their toes quietly in the sand as they read a book, rather than those who congregate in...

Forgotten Travel Expenses

Planning a perfect vacation is one of the most enjoyable things we can do. After all our hard work we deserve it. The less fun part is budgeting for our dream trips. What is even more unpleasant is having unexpected expenses pop up while we are trying to enjoy...
Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach

When planning a trip to California, there are so many beaches to choose from. If southern California is on the agenda, Pismo Beach is a place you should visit. Like most beaches you can build sandcastles and play in the ocean. There are places you can rent a surf...
Travel Credit Cards

Best Travel Reward Credit Cards

Ever used the website Nerdwallet? It is quite a handy site that helps you find the best credit cards for you. So if you are a traveler or an aspiring traveler and looking for a credit card to help you with all things travel this is the place to go. For now, here is a...

5 Amazing Travel Films

The ability to travel may be limited right now; however, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty of other countries. Finding a movie that showcases exotic locations is an easy way to soothe your wanderlust. Check out the following amazing travel films. The Secret...

Traveling with Family and Your Sanity

Vacations are the perfect way to relax, unwind and make fantastic memories that last a lifetime.  Add your family into the mix and you fear the relaxation goes right out the window.  Be the master planner and try some of these tips to ease the stress and...

Picture Perfect Beaches for your Next Adventure

For those who love the snow and winter wonderland views, now is your time to rejoice and relish in the chill. For those who are living in the absolute cold nightmare that winter can be for non-winter lovers, take a mental break and think about beach weather and the...

How Can You Afford A Vacation?

Warm Destinations to Visit this Winter

Warm Destinations to Visit this Winter

As the cold weather sets in you may find yourself panicking. Maybe you didn't get to enjoy your summer to the fullest, or maybe you were hoping to squeeze in one more vacation before it gets chilly. Lucky for you, no matter what the weather looks like, there are a few...

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Charming Historic Hotels

If you have no international travel plans this year, you can find beautiful places to stay close to home. Plan a road trip and make reservations at one of America’s many historic hotels. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find a combination of...

Visiting Vegas

Properties on the Las Vegas Strip recently announced their plans to open to 100% capacity, and many bars and restaurants are now operating at 50% capacity. As restrictions begin to loosen up, plan a trip! Now is the perfect time to visit Las Vegas, Nevada. Capacity...

Get Adventurous on Your Getaway

A vacation is a nice break from the normalcy of life.  You can unwind and separate yourself from the ins and outs of your routines.  Take that to the next level by trying something new on your trips and experience other worldly experiences.  It will be good for your...

Mental Health is Just as Important on Vacation

We often think just because we are away on vacation or a trip that the feeling of relaxation just naturally flows along with it.  That the physical act of going to a different location will instantly trigger the body to be calm and unstressed.  This is unfortunately...

Small Town Traveling: A Guide to Boulder City

Covid-19 has pushed many Americans to rediscover the beauty of small towns all across the continental U.S. Boulder City, NV (the City that constructed the Hoover Dam) is one such town. Built in 1931, this town has a lot of fun history to explore and enjoy. Keep this...

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