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Woman with Credit Card

Credit Cards with Excellent Travel Benefits

In today's world, it's almost impossible to survive without using a credit card. If you find you must use one, find the card that will benefit you as you spend. Travel rewards credit cards that help you earn points towards flights, hotels and other travel expenses are...


Who doesn’t love the beach? When my family wanted to travel to see the many beaches in the United States, we did some research and presented our top picks.   What is the first place you often think of when thinking of a tropical paradise? Hawaii, of course. There...
Road Trip

Best Apps for the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are the original relaxing vacation for Americans. Milliennials have reclaimed that tranquil rite of passage and are sharing their information via different apps that help all road trippers unite. Download these helpful apps and connect with like minded...
Carry On Suitcases

The Best Carry on Checklist

Your carry on is your survival bag. It is not just to keep you entertained during the waiting and flying and waiting some more. This bag is more than that. If your luggage is lost, this is the bag that will sustain you until you either get your bag back, or can go buy...

Traveling Essentials

Vacation time is just around the corner, and you’ve got all the normal travel items like your travel sized soaps and your portable phone charging pack. But what’s new in traveling essentials? Here are a few traveling must haves that will make your vacation be much...
Travel with Children

Flying with Children Made Easier

Flying with little ones can be a nightmare. The crowds, cramped conditions, and length of travel are all hard on kids. No travel experience will ever be perfect, but if you want to make it as easy as possible on everyone involved, give some of these travel tips a try....

Jobs that Pay you to Travel

If your dream is to travel, but you can't quite afford it, there may be an easy solution for you. If you search, you will find a plethora of jobs that will allow you to travel or work in another country while simultaneously earning a paycheck. Here are a few positions...

How Can You Afford A Vacation?

Warm Destinations to Visit this Winter

Warm Destinations to Visit this Winter

As the cold weather sets in you may find yourself panicking. Maybe you didn't get to enjoy your summer to the fullest, or maybe you were hoping to squeeze in one more vacation before it gets chilly. Lucky for you, no matter what the weather looks like, there are a few...

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How to Make your Vacation Rental Feel like Home

Feeling comfortable and at home while on vacation is an essential part of being able to relax. There are some places you may travel or stay that feel unwelcoming or even cold. In order to avoid feeling less than satisfied with your vacation rental, here are a few...

Perks of Using a Travel Guide

When planning a trip to an unfamiliar destination, finding fun activities with reputable companies can be an overwhelming task. Hiring a professional to help coordinate different aspects of your trip can be an immense help. Here are some of the benefits that come with...

Travel Goals

Regardless of what is going on in your life, you need to have goals—travel goals. There are countless wonders in the world, and definitely not enough time or finances to visit all of them. However, don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of ways to personalize your...

Travel with Your Pup

Dogs travel by air better than cats, and we’re not just saying that! Research has shown it. If your dog is accustomed to car travel, then air travel shouldn't be a problem. Use the following air travel tips for safe and pleasant airplane travel with your best furry...

Spring Break for Introverts

Spring break time is nearly upon us, and it turns out, not everyone wants to go to the ocean to socialize. 2020 is the year of the introvert. Celebrated are those who like to bury their toes quietly in the sand as they read a book, rather than those who congregate in...

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