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Travel Agents Are Still an Asset

Traveling is not as much of a mystery as it once was. Now everything is accessible from the palm of our hands. You can have your dream vacation planned and paid for with a few clicks. So why would you need a travel agent? While all the ads will make planning a...
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Popular Tourist Destinations in the USA

The United States of American is a large country with a wide variety of climates, locations, and activities to do and see.  Starting in the New England area, you can see New York City, where the Statue of Liberty stands, the Empire State Building and the 9/11...
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Packing Your Travel Emergency Kit

Everyone loves traveling, but the most stressful aspect of traveling is when things do not go according to plan. When this happens it’s ideal to have a go to emergency kit on hand and ready to go so you can always keep your travels fun, light, and free from stress and...
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Fun Food Cities

If you consider yourself a foodie and love trying new cuisines, your next vacation should be inspired by cosmopolitan culinary creations. There are so many awesome cities and countries known particularly for their food, so get reading, get packing, and  get going on...
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Travel with Your Pup

Dogs travel by air better than cats, and we’re not just saying that! Research has shown it. If your dog is accustomed to car travel, then air travel shouldn't be a problem. Use the following air travel tips for safe and pleasant airplane travel with your best furry...
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Today’s Travel Trends

Do you prefer traveling with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, or your parents? Or, maybe you are a fan of one of the popular travel fads. No matter who you are with, everyone has to admit that some of these fads are a lot of fun even if they only stick...

Using Groupon for Traveling

Groupon is a service that can help you find amazing deals on some of your favorite products. The discounts you will find on their website extend to services such as haircuts, massages and pedicures. You can find discounted tickets to shows and performances and there...

How Can You Afford A Vacation?

Plan Your Adventure To San Francisco

Plan Your Adventure To San Francisco

California is not just about the beaches, though there are a lot of them. San Francisco has so much to offer for those looking for a bit of sightseeing, especially those who love history. You will want to give yourself a couple of days to explore all this city offers....

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Make Traveling with Kids Feel More like a Family Vacation

Traveling with kids can often feel like more trouble than it’s worth. However, it doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience for all. Use some of the following tips to make your trip more child inclusive.  Maintain Flexibility You never know what you’re going to...

7 Things you Never Need to Pack for a Trip

When it comes to traveling, there are certain things you almost never need to pack. Keep things light by taking some of the following items out of your bags.  Extra Towels Not only do towels take up a lot of space in your suitcase, they take a long time to dry....

Zion, Utah Is A Hikers Dream

Do you love to spend a day walking through nature? Zion in Utah is the place for you. There are so many trails you could spend many days exploring new territory. Everything you need can be found in the area. The town of Springdale is right outside the gate with tools,...

Always Be Ready for A Trip

Some trips are planned months in advance. Others can be decided on hours before leaving. You never want to miss out because you do not have the time to get the things you need to go. Have all the essentials at your fingertips. This way, you can jet off on your next...

Summer Packing Ideas

Packing for a summer trip can be overwhelming, whether for a whole family or just yourself. There is so much to remember to make sure you are prepared. And then there is getting it all to where you are going. Let's look at those that have found the best ways to do...

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Activities for All

Take A Solo Trip

When you think of going on a vacation, do you imagine a group? Not many think about heading out...

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