Do you love to spend a day walking through nature? Zion in Utah is the place for you. There are so many trails you could spend many days exploring new territory. Everything you need can be found in the area. The town of Springdale is right outside the gate with tools, food, and shelter. Before planning your adventure here, take a look at some of these great options. 


The shelter is the first thing that always needs to be taken care of when you are heading out away from home. If you do not want to rough it and set up a tent, Springdale has many options to choose from. The Desert Pearl Inn is a moderately priced option. One of the best features here is the massive pool. After a day of hiking in the heat, there is nothing better than jumping in a fabulous pool. They also have balconies in the rooms to enjoy the amazing view all day and night. Inside and outside of Zion, there are many places to set up tents or park campers if that is more your style. 


Do you want to cook your food or hit up a fantastic restaurant? There are plenty of stores selling food for those who want to make their own food. However, try Oscars for those who want a delicious meal with no effort. Oscars Café is a perfect mix of all the best Mexican and American cuisine. So if you want a burrito and your companions want a burger, you can have it. Before or after a hike, it doesn’t matter. You will not regret sitting down for a meal at Oscars.


The worst feeling is getting ready to head out on the trials to realize that you forgot something essential. There are a few places to stop in Springdale to get all the gear that you could need. Zion Outfitters is a one-stop shop for all the adventures you could do. Those who want to hike the Narrows can find the proper water and hiking gear needed to get through safely. If you decide to bike Zion, rentals and spare parts are ready to go. When the water levels are high enough, there are even tubes to help you have a relaxing float down the Virgin River. All you need is readily available at one of the many stores and rental stores. 


There are so many fantastic hiking and biking trails to discover in Zion. You could spend weeks diving into all of them. This Top Ten Zion Hikes List is for those who don’t have the time to see every single one. The Narrows is at the top of the list and is a full-day adventure. It goes through water and land, so you get the best of both. Another popular hike is Angles Landing. This one is not for that who have a fear of heights. 

Zion is a dream vacation for those that love exploring the outdoors. 

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