Food and drink are one of the biggest concerns when planning a road trip. What do you pack in order to lessen the amount of stops it takes to get to your destination. Food safety is essential and not talked about enough. Constantly stopping to get fast food is not healthy and homemade sandwiches do not keep for long road trips. The solution to this problem is to think about how long your road trip is and which foods can accommodate that.

Freeze Dried Fruits & Veggies

Freeze dried foods are really popular in disaster kits, but it’s time to put them to use more often. These foods can be very useful during a long road trip and provide a great healthy snack for the kids. If you have never dabbled in the freeze dried fruits and vegetables before, here’s a rundown on what to try. Some of the best fruits that are freeze dried are considered to be mangoes, strawberries, and pineapples. While the most popular freeze dried vegetables are carrots, peppers, and potatoes. The vegetables can help with providing the more filling foods during your road trip. Also, listed below are some resources where you can find the best dried foods!
– Valley Food Storage: The benefit of using this service is that they have no fillers or MSGs, so it’s a healthier option to turn to.
– ReadyWise: This kit provides 90 servings and contains organic and gluten free options.

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Protein Bars

Protein bars are not just for an after gym snack! These bars are perfect to store in the car for a long road trip because the purpose of this snack is to keep you fuller longer. These snacks are also a go to when you need extra carbs and vitamins. Traditionally, protein bars are considered vegan as well because instead of the dairy used in other treats these companies use whey protein. Not only are these bars good for dietary restrictions, but they are also good for keeping the driver awake through the long journey ahead. Protein bars provide energy, so the muscle fatigue that you get while driving for long periods of time will be lessened just by your snack choice!


Here’s a snack that you can store in any season and anywhere! This delicious and nutritious snack also comes in mini snack packs, so that you can ration how much the kids are munching during the drive.There are so many options to choose from and they even have sampler packs. These packs will contain different kinds of nuts for variety. Overall, a good snack and tasty way to sneak in some protein.


Popcorn is already at the top of the list for everyone’s favorite snack, but did you know it can go on the road with you?! Popcorn is usually your movie theater buddy, but consider it for a snack to pack as well. Popcorn keeps very well and through your drive it won’t lose out on that infamous crunch! A healthy snack with sweet and salty varieties…sign me up!

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