Georgia has many picturesque destinations! As a Georgia native, I can be a little biased but touring this list will give you a whole new appreciation for this gorgeous state. If you are looking to visit, don’t just head into the city. While the city is eventful and overflowing with fun activities, that is not all that Georgia has to offer.  Take the road less traveled and experience the nature that makes Georgia so beautiful. Here is a guide to a few places that should make your list when you visit.

Amicalola Falls

Did someone say waterfall? If you are looking for a romantic day date or a beautiful hangout with friends, here you go. Amicalola falls is like its own little slice of heaven. In fact, to get to the waterfall there are multiple trails. Taking a trail should not be viewed as a deterrent because it adds to the fun of choosing your own adventure. Find the trail suitable to your experience and start your journey. So, take lunch and enjoy the day!

Fun Fact: The name Amicalola is native to the Cherokee and translates to “Tumbling Water”

Radium Springs Garden

Here is one of Georgia’s largest springs! While everything bigger is not better, that can not be said about Radium Springs Garden. Filled with seasonal and vibrant flora this destination turns the heads of many. Wedding season is also no stranger to this area because it also contains a gorgeous waterfall for a backdrop!

Fun Fact: This spring was once inhabited by Creek Indians and pumps over 7,000 gallons of water!


Lake Allatoona

This lake is known by all of the campers around Georgia. It is a popular place for the locals to enjoy the mountainous views. This lake got really popular around 2017 when a show called Ozark started filming there. Many people came out to the lake to take a look at the “as seen on television” scenery.

Fun Fact: There are many coves located around the lake that are still being discovered by hikers exploring the destination today.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Georgia is not known for its beaches, but there is a nice island to visit if you want a similar experience. Cumberland Island is accessible only by a ferry, but it is worth the venture when you get to travel on the water and take in the scenery. Surrounded by sandy dunes and lakes, this area will leave you feeling like you took a beach vacation.

Fun Fact: This island is home to a variety of wild horses that can be spotted roaming around the shores of the lake.

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