Turkey is a country with a lot to explore. There is a rich history that all of its neighbors have influenced. The land of Turkey has been invaded and settled by multiple people. Because of this their culture has been affected by Middle Eastern countries, the Mediterranean, the Balkans and parts of Asia. Turkey is a giant mix of cultures that have left their mark. This means when you visit, you will have even more to explore! 

Mevlevei Sema Ceremony

People love to watch shows, and this is one that you will want to attend if you are in Turkey. What was once a religious ceremony to connect with God that happened only in December is now something that can be enjoyed at other times of the year. This is a rich culture that goes back 800 years, and they are willing to share that with all that come to see it. The Mevlevei Sema Ceremony should make the top of your list when planning your fantastic adventure to Turkey. 


The best thing to do when visiting a new place is to shop. There is so much to find that you cannot get where you are from. And what is better than coming home with presents for all your friends and family? A truly unique gift that they won’t be getting from anyone else. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the place to go. With the size of this place, you will have to make sure you have at least half a day to explore. If you are worried about getting lost, they have tours you can set up to help you navigate this shopping experience. Find all the best Turkish products to remember your adventure in Turkey. 


Another way to say hamam is a Turkish bath. If you haven’t heard of the first, you surely have heard of the second. You can only visit turkey by taking advantage and doing this experience. It is more intimidating than it seems and will be an experience you can write home about. This is not something you will be able to do as a couple. The different sexes are sent to other areas. If you are thinking of a couples massage or experience together, this is not that activity. Wherever you stay in Turkey, ask where to find the best hamam, and you will not be disappointed. 


Is it an actual vacation if you cannot lounge on a beach? Turkey is known for having some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. One to add to your list is Patara Beach. It is one of the most popular beaches, and unlike some, there is an entrance fee. The sand is less like the California beaches and more like the sand of a desert. And it is also a breeding ground for many turtles. Depending on the time of the visit, you may get to see more than others. 

Start planning the trip of a lifetime.

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