Traveling has become an incredibly stressful experience thanks to Covid-19. While it was previously discouraged unless absolutely necessary, a loosening of restrictions has led to an uptick in travel. What precautions have been put into place to help people get around safely? Let’s take a look.

Couple at airport


When you’re in the midst of a pandemic, crowded places like airports can seem scary. You might feel like there are too many people to be able to control the spread of the virus. However, there are many new safeguards that have been put into place for all travelers. An article written by Jane Levere for sheds some light on everything being done. It states, “Airlines are requiring face masks for passengers and staff, imposing new aircraft cleaning procedures, using social distancing to board flights, blocking middle seats on planes and, in one case, even prohibiting passengers from lining up to use plane bathrooms. As to the airports, they are screening passengers’ temperatures through high- and low-tech means; using bio-metric screening to speed check-in, security and customs and immigration processes; and using autonomous robots to clean terminal floors.”

While staff are doing everything they can inside the airport, airlines are ensuring each plane is equipped with top of the line air filtration systems. Zach Wichter, a writer for states, “HEPA filters are a very high-intensity system of fibers that you essentially run air through to filter out an incredible amount of contaminants — not just dust, not just bacteria, but moisture, any sort of contamination that could potentially harm or create an atmosphere in the cabin or the cockpit that could harm the passengers or the crews. The material in them is much closer together compared to cheaper air filters, and that makes it very difficult for biological elements to penetrate them.” These air purifying systems can be found in every aircraft because they’re required. Airlines must maintain certain standards for air purity. This fact, coupled with social distancing and temperature checks make flying a relatively safe option

Gas Stations

Many states have made wearing face masks mandatory. Additionally, some gas stations are limiting the number of people allowed inside at any given time. This is done to allow continued social distancing for any stops you need to make.

Woman on bus with mask


Public transportation has the most to overcome in the wake of Covid-19. However, many public transport options are looking into having patrons electronically reserve seating. This will help prevent overcrowding. An article written by Sam Mehmet for explains the other policies being enacted. He states, “Services should stick to a strict capacity limit, [maintain] social distancing on board, [provide] PPE for all drivers, and ensure vehicles are fully sanitized before and after each journey/transfer.” These precautions will create a safe environment for commuters.

There has been a learning curve on how to best  prevent the spread of Covid-19. Those who work in the transportation industry are trying hard to ensure safe travels for all.

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