Setting up the perfect road trip is easier than you think. While perfection is a general term and nothing is ever certain, there are simple steps you can take in order to create a fun traveling environment. Here are some tips you can use as you plan and execute your next adventure.

Road Trip


The recipe for success in any road trip lies in the snacks you pack. Find a balance between healthy snacks and junk. Junk food is great when you’re craving it, but eating fast food continuously can be hard on your body. That’s where healthy snacks come in to save the day! Apples, carrots, beef jerky and hard boiled eggs are just a few things you can pack that will travel fairly well. Remember to pace yourself. It’s easy to overeat when you’re sitting in the car for hours on end. To keep yourself feeling the best you can, spread out your snacks and try not to binge.


Find quality entertainment for every person attending the road trip. Make sure any children present have things to keep them occupied. If you’re going to be trapped in a car with other people, you want it to be a peaceful experience. Nothing makes people fight more than close quarters and boredom. For kids, music, movies, coloring books, and virtually anything else you can think of that would help entertain them is always a good investment. If the children are younger, consider taking a trip to the dollar store to stock up on knick knacks. To maintain sanity, establish a period of time where the kids are playing quietly or get so bored they fall asleep. For adults, audio books are an excellent way to pass the time. Find a thriller that will help keep you awake as you’re driving along.

Road Trip

Be Flexible

Things always happen. Someone throws up, you get a flat tire, or you’ve had it with the car and you decide to stop 3 hours earlier than you initially planned. Remind yourself that it’s okay. Flexibility and spontaneity are incredible assets to have on any road trip. Don’t overbook yourself or schedule things too tight. This way, if you see a local pie shop, or an eclectic looking store you want to visit, you’ll have time to enjoy the journey and do those things. The destination and the anticipation that builds in getting there is one of the best parts of the trip. Any tension you have about a schedule will be felt by those in the vehicle with you. Nobody likes to feel rushed, especially when they’re on vacation. Find cool side adventures to enjoy and make lasting memories as you explore.

Treat your family or friends on a road trip they will remember forever. Using these tips will help you fight discomfort due to eating poorly, boredom, and frustration due to over scheduling. Keep things light and enjoy creating moments you’ll always remember.

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