Vacations are the perfect way to relax, unwind and make fantastic memories that last a lifetime.  Add your family into the mix and you fear the relaxation goes right out the window.  Be the master planner and try some of these tips to ease the stress and keep your sanity intact.


The Dreaded Long Flight

Until scientists discover teleportation, the worst part of any trip is flying or traveling to your vacation destination.  When traveling with your little ones and family, there are a lot of emotions.  Wrap up little presents and snacks they get to unwrap every hour – it will give them something to look forward to and break up to monotony of the trip.

Creativity is Key

Find activities that include the whole family.  Don’t rely on electronics to parent and entertain your kids while you try to relax.  Children usually get restless when they aren’t being stimulated which can lead to more stress for you.  Keep them engaged and present during the vacation and you’ll be enjoying your time together in no time.  You can even search out activities so the kids will enjoy some time away from parents – giving them the chance to blow off some steam.  Keep it lively and keep it creative.

Bring Home with You

Vacations are great because you are in a different place and it’s a nice break from the mundane.  When traveling with kids and your family, you want to make sure not to disrupt their schedule too much.  A fantastic way to do this is bring some small comforts from home that give them security and a little structure.  Love to read together before bed?  Make sure to pack some of their favorite books.  Think of little rituals you do at home that give your kids comfort.  Maybe it’s a favorite snack or treat they can’t live without.


Schedule Time to Recharge

Don’t run your kids and yourself into the ground.  They will only get crabby and that’s no fun for anyone.  Plan on going back to the hotel room for a couple hours every afternoon to take a nap or have quiet time.  You will be very thankful for this time to recharge and recoup.

A Task for Everyone

Engage your kids and family with being in charge of specific jobs for the trip.  Put someone in charge of making sure the sunscreen is always packed, someone who’s planning activities for the day.  Assign small fun jobs to members of your family to take the stress off of you planning every little thing and teach responsibility in the process.  It’s a win win for your sanity and your family.

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