Being on the road again can be a boring way to travel for some.  If this is you, hours and hours of endless cows and road signs will slowly drive you crazy.  You have every intention of arriving happy at your destination without the carnage of tearing your travel buddies apart, but sometimes this is asking too much.  Keep your road trip full of excitement and activities with a few new ideas.

Road Trip

Road Trip Games

Chanel your inner child and get some fun road trip games before you leave.  Have the rules all printed out ready to go so everyone can play along.  There are other travel games you can purchase like Dr. Biscuit’s Radical Road Trip that will keep you laughing for hours.  Plan ahead for these games and you’ll be excited to try them out with your friends.

Listening to a Good Story

Pick out an audio book with your travel companions, something you’ve been wanting to read and listen to it on the open road.  After each chapter you can stop the book and have a quick discussion with everyone, trying to figure out what is going to happen next.  Take bets or wagers to make things a little more interesting during the suspenseful parts.  It will be like your own little book club on wheels.


There is a podcast for everyone out there.  Download a bunch or task everyone in your travel group to bring their favorite along with them and take turns hosting the car radio.  Listen to the newest true crime drama and you’ll be arriving to your destination before you find out who dunnit.

Road Trip

The Way to Everyone’s Heart – Food

The last thing you want on a road trip are crabby drivers or passengers.  Make sure you pack snacks for the road.  Have everyone bring a different snack with them – don’t rely on gas station foods along the way.  Keep the troops happy with multiple snack breaks and search out local eateries to stop at.  Stopping for lunch at a unique hot spot will break up the trip and give you a fun experience to talk about.

Comedy Shows

Downloading a comedy show of your favorite comedian and laughing the miles away is another way to pass the time.  It’s something everyone can listen to and agree upon and they aren’t terribly long if someone would rather just sleep through it.  Comedy will keep everyone in a good mood and your trip won’t feel like such an undertaking.

Keep the variety going on your trip and you’ll get from A to B in no time flat.  With a little planning ahead, you might even find taking a road trip is much more enjoyable than you ever imagined. 

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