There are many options to look into when picking a rental company. When looking into a rental, there are some things to know to keep yourself from spending unneeded money. 

Car Rental

Rental Insurance

It seems like a no brainer to pay for the rental insurance that the rental companies offer. If you talk to a representative, they may make it look like it is something that you have to get. What they won’t tell you is that the insurance that you pay for every month may cover the rental. Check with your insurance company before paying. Another option is that some credit cards will offer coverage. Reach out to both providers before paying any extra.

Inspect the Car

It can be a hectic time picking up your car and trying to make it to the hotel after a long day of travel. Slow down and look over the vehicle with a representative and point out any imperfections that you see. Taking pictures, yourself is not enough. Make sure they make notes of anything you find. This way, there are not any surprises when you return the car. Rental companies can charge you for any damages. 

Return the Car on Time

We all plan on being on time, but we sometimes come up short. Give yourself plenty of time when making the deadline for dropping off your rental car. Car rental companies will charge you for another day if you drop off late. If you pick up your vehicle at 5:00 pm, plan on returning it before 5:00 pm on drop off day. Anytime after that and you will have to pay for another day!

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Lose the Extras

Our phones are amazing and can be a GPS and Satellite radio all in one. There is no need to pay the extra charges to rent these. Car seats are another extra that can be avoided. Many of the airlines will let you check your own for free, and even use them on the plane. It may be a hassle to carry through the airport but will save you in the long run. Along with keeping the money, you have the peace of mind that your child is in a clean, safe car seat while traveling.

Gas Up Yourself

When finalizing your rental agreement, they will ask you if you want them to gas it up for you. They are going to charge the highest amount that they can. It can be much cheaper to drive a little way and gas up yourself. Return the car with at least the same amount of gas that you took it with. To ensure that you don’t get charged another fee.

Small Car

Book the smallest car that fits your needs. It may not be what you usually like to drive, but it will save you money. The smaller the car, the less expensive it is, and the cheaper the gas will be. Being a member of the rental car company’s reward program could get you a free upgrade.

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