Do you have your nursing degree? Do you want a little excitement in your life? Becoming a traveling nurse may be just what you need to shake up your life and renew your passion for nursing. Maybe you are fresh out of college and trying to find the ideal fit for you. Try traveling nursing to see where you want to set down roots.

No Pets or Family

When you get an assignment, you don’t have to leave everyone behind. If your family is flexible and can go with you, they are welcome. Talk to your recruiter about who will be joining you. They can help you find housing to meet your needs. Pets are always welcome too. There is no need to leave them behind. Traveling can be a great way to teach a family about all this country has to offer. It can also be a great adventure to bond a family together.

Assignments are Short

The length of the assignments can vary from 8 weeks to 26 weeks. If you impress the hospital, there is always the option of extending your stay. There are possibilities that you could spend a few months in one place or up to a year. Just think of all the contacts you will be making that will pay off in the future if you ever decide to stay in one place.

Nurse with Piggy Bank

Paid Less

Travel nurses are paid more than staff nurses. When there is a need that is not being filled by local nurses, hospitals will pay more to get coverage. Travel nurses fill this need and get paid to do so. They also get free housing or a stipend to go toward their house if they choose to find accommodations. A food stipend is given to traveling nurses. Rent and food are two costly monthly bills that traveling nurses do not have to take out of their paychecks.

Health Insurance

If you think that those working in a hospital would have excellent health insurance, you are right. The only problem is that traveling nurses are always changing hospitals. When at an assignment, you will be covered. In between jobs, there are gaps in coverage. Which can cause stress for those that choose this lifestyle. Especially those with families. There are always other options to consider when getting health insurance. Talking to a recruiter and insurance professionals to understand what you will need to feel safe is essential before jumping into this career path.

Outgoing Personality

Traveling from place to place and always meeting new people could be difficult for an introvert. Being an introvert will not make you a lousy traveling nurse. The most important thing is that you are good at taking care of patients. If you are good at your job, it will not matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert. It is good to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones. It’s how we grow.

Enjoy traveling around the country and taking care of people as a traveling nurse.

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