The outdoors is calling me!  But, I’m not sure if I’m prepared. What should I do? 

Getting outdoors can seem daunting but you have several options.  If you’re in need of some fresh air, grab your shoes and take a walk around the block.   You can also hire a company to provide a guide and supplies, like kayaking or paddle boarding.  Keep reading for more adventures!

 Hiking can be as simple as getting out on your city’s local trails.  A pair of tennis shoes, water bottle, and comfortable clothes are all you may need for that.  You can go on a more advanced hike by planning a to follow a trail up a mountain, and packing a bag with food, water bladders, emergency supplies, and maps.  If you want to camp where you’re going to hike, you would need to pack in your bedding, tent, and fire starting supplies, too.

Speaking of camping, there are a variety of ways to camp.  In addition to hiking to your campsite, you could row and camp along the beach or bring a tent and supplies in your vehicle.  Another option is to bring a camp trailer and sleep inside of that!  You can make reservations to camp in national parks or camp sites in many different locations in the United States.


Biking can be done by people of all ages.  Taking the little ones on their bikes around the trails of your local town is a great way to build their stamina.  For the more adventurous or ready, you could go trail riding.  The more into it you are, the more equipment you can invest in to make the experience more fun and challenging.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing as a beginner requires a lot of equipment, as well as at least one other person. It takes a lot of practice to get comfortable and to build up strength.  The more experience, the more traveling you may do to find new heights to reach.

In the winter, snow skiing is a fun activity.  If you like speed, downhill skiing is recommended.  Cross country skiing allows you to go a little slower but still see beautiful, snow covered land.  You can purchase, rent, or possibly borrow your equipment for reasonable.

Want to just pay an admission price and enjoy the ride?  Then an amusement park is for you.  From the thrill of the roller coaster to the carousal are just two rides to enjoy.


Swimming and water sports include canoeing, white water rafting, jet skiing, and water skiing.  You could go to a lake, a river, or the ocean to enjoy each of these typically summer activities.  The minimum you would want to have is a swim suit/trunks but can become as involved as needing a boat/raft/canoe or jet skis.

Water parks are simple, just pay a fee to get in and enjoy the various slides, climbing walls, wave pools, or lazy river pools.

There is so much to enjoy in the great outdoors. 

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