Some trips are planned months in advance. Others can be decided on hours before leaving. You never want to miss out because you do not have the time to get the things you need to go. Have all the essentials at your fingertips. This way, you can jet off on your next adventure whenever there is an opportunity. A few of these things are easy, and others can take a little effort. 


Invest in a couple of suitcases. A weekend bag for those quick trips and a larger one for more extended vacations. Suitcases are easy to stack in the back of a car. They are also the best options for jumping on an airplane. A fanny pack that you love is great for vacation and day-to-day use. Find one that fits your style. And never forget that it is nice to have a travel bag or backpack to keep valuables close or those items you need quick access to. If you already have the required bags for all types of adventures, you will be ready to say yes to any invitation to travel. 


Have a travel toiletries bag always packed with the basics. Instead of having to buy small samples, get reusable bottles. There are many to choose from on Amazon. Not only will it save you a trip to the store for each journey, but it can also save money. All you have to do when you get home is fill them with your large bottles. Now you always have the products that you love. Then, when it’s time to pack, all you have to do is grab the bag, and you are set. 


This is a harder one to accomplish. A big reason that spontaneous trips fall apart is that there are not enough clean clothes. We tend to let our laundry go until we have nothing left to wear. Then we have a significant laundry day. Keep up on your laundry, so that clean clothes are never a reason to miss out on the fun. When you have enough for a load, do it right away. This is a huge commitment, but it will pay off if you make it a habit. It is a benefit whether you are traveling or not. No one likes looking in the closet to find nothing to wear. 


Keep everything you need up to date. Passports can take weeks to months to be renewed. When you get close to your expiration date, send things in with months to spare. It would be a shame to miss out on a fantastic adventure because of something like having a valid ID or passport. If you are interested in visiting countries requiring certain vaccinations, think about doing them sooner than you plan. It can be hard to know when opportunities will present themselves. Finally, make sure that you always have your paperwork in order. 

Always be ready for your next adventure!

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