Packing for a summer trip can be overwhelming, whether for a whole family or just yourself. There is so much to remember to make sure you are prepared. And then there is getting it all to where you are going. Let’s look at those that have found the best ways to do this. Learn from them and not make any silly choices that will make traveling more difficult. Make your vacation more about the excitement of seeing new things and less about the difficulty of packing.

Packing Cubes

Why would you want all your things jammed together when you can organize them better? Try using packing cubes. It works for a single person wanting to keep things tidy. Or a family using them to separate each individual’s items while sharing a suitcase. Find the correct sizes for your needs, and packing will be simple. It will also make locating objects a breeze while enjoying your vacation. There is no need to dig through everything to locate a single item. Amazon has a variety of packing cubes to choose from. Start your search here to find your perfect combination.

organized packing


Shoes can be used for more than just protecting your feet. When you are planning your outfits, it can lead to many shoes going into your suitcase. Shoes can waste a lot of space unless they are flip-flops. Shoes can be used to protect breakable items or house other needed objects. Always put those items in a plastic bag. If whatever is spilled or does happen to break, it will not damage the shoe. The other reason would be to prevent any smell from transferring to the items. When it comes to packing, you need all the space you can get, even the space inside your shoes.

Pack In Order

When packing clothes pack in an order instead of just putting clothes in. Most have some sort of plan about what they will be wearing and when. Pack in that order. The things you will be wearing first should be at the top. Those things you are unsure if you will need or will be wearing later in the trip should be toward the bottom. Also, knowing where everything is will help you not leave anything behind. It will also help you find your items fast, leaving more time for adventure.

Laundry Bags

A laundry bag or two can be used for many different uses while traveling. If you have multiple stops on your trip, you will want a way to separate clean from dirty clothes. Having a bag to place your worn clothes in will keep your other clothes cleaned while changing locations. This is helpful if you have things like swimsuits that are not completely dry or other severely soiled clothing. It will help you make it between the times you can’t get to a washer.

Take some of these tips and see if they help ease your packing. Once you find the best method, traveling will be more stress-free.

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