Air BNB has some stiff competition ahead. Global hotel chain Marriott has recently introduced their new venture called Homes & Villas. Let’s take a look at what it entails and why it’s good news for travelers.

What is Homes & Villas?

What is this new venture? An article written for explains, “Homes & Villas by Marriott International is a global home rental offering launched in 2019 by Marriott International with a vision to bring Marriott’s 90+ years of hospitality expertise to the home rental market. With a focus only on the premium and luxury tier of rental homes, Marriott works with select professional home management companies to ensure that every home listed can be serviced at a standard expected of Marriott International.”

What kind of homes can you expect to see? The website states, “beachfront bungalows, sprawling villas, grand chateaus, cozy cabins, ski chalets, and characterful townhouses, flats, apartments and penthouses. We have castles, too!” Imagine the possibilities! You can search available properties here.

How is it Different?

Let’s be honest, this idea of renting homes isn’t exactly a new one. However, there are a couple selling features that might interest you. First, each home listed with this service has been personally vetted. Marriott works with professional management companies with premium and luxury homes.

Second, Marriott is committed to providing guests with the best experience possible. As previously mentioned, they work closely with professional management companies. This means that if you stay in one of the Marriott Homes & Villas you’ll be walking into a professionally cleaned home. You’ll also have access to a 24/7 local support team that can help you throughout the duration of your stay. High speed Wi-Fi, premium linens and family friendly conveniences are also some of the perks you can expect.

Lastly, you’ll be able to earn and redeem points when you become a Marriott Bonvoy member. Use these points for future stays as you travel. It’s a great incentive to continue booking with Marriott and also an easy way to save money on upcoming trips.

Why Stay in a Home vs. a Hotel Room?

Why should you stay in a home or villa instead of getting a regular hotel room? It all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the seclusion and privacy that comes with renting a home. However, there are other differences that are specific to Marriott. For example, there are differences in cancellation policies and available amenities. Also, keep in mind that these homes and villas are considered ‘premium’ and ‘luxury’ properties. They’ve each been vetted to ensure the safety, security, cleanliness, design and condition are top notch. That’s not something you can necessarily guarantee when booking a hotel room. It’s no secret that all hotel rooms are not created equal. This new venture essentially guarantees a quality experience through and through.

As companies like Air BNB adjust to new competition, it will be interesting to see how this industry grows and changes.

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