Travel is picking back up, and many cannot wait to visit all the exotic places that have been off-limits. Others lost out on their first chances to travel and are not getting their first chance to experience the world. When starting out, many mistakes could and should be avoided. Learn from those that came before us and enjoy your vacation entirely by making it as easy as possible for yourself.


Unless you are traveling to a location that does not have stores, you will survive if you forget something. Overpacking means that you will have more luggage to drag along with you from plane to train to car. The more time you are spending stressed about getting all your bags and keeping track of them, the less fun you will have. Pack the bare minimum, only the essentials. Any of the little luxuries can easily be grabbed along the way. Traveling light is always the way to go.


Planning a trip and forgetting to budget it all out in advance is a big mistake. Finding out halfway through you are out of funds is a fast way to stop the fun. A vacation is for exploring and enjoying time away from the real world, not worrying about money. Sit down and price it all out before you step foot on the plane. Another good idea is to budget in a bit of wiggle room for those spurs of the moment opportunities. Exploring and jumping at once-in-a-lifetime activities is what it is all about. Don’t be held back by a lack of budgeting.

Public WI-FI

Finding WI-FI is a high priority when trying to stay in touch with your life back home. The coffee shop on the random corner with public WI-FI should not be your first choice. The risk of scams and getting your information stolen is a considerable possibility. Getting a call from the bank during a trip that there is fraud on your account is a terrible way to destress. An even worse scenario would be to get home and find out that your information had been stolen the whole time and you were unable to stop it. Only join protected WI-FI connections. Or an even better idea is to unplug entirely and enjoy a break from real life.


Research the location you are planning to visit before going, especially if you are going to a different country. Law’s change depending on where you are, and being aware of them will keep your trip going smoothly. Finding out about a cultural difference while breaking the custom is not how you want to dive into the culture. Spending the time reading up on the places you want to visit will not only keep you safe but help you plan the perfect itinerary.

Become an expert traveler, even if it is your first major vacation. Never let a mistake mess up your good time.

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