Summertime is the time to visit beaches and enjoy the sun. The only issue is that some locations can break the bank. To get a hotel close to a beach and transportation, you can be into the thousands. Beaches are all over the world. As long as all you are looking for is waves and sand, you will not be disappointed. Check out some of the best beaches for a minor price.


Every hotel is close to a beach on the island of Aruba. You will get the amazing white sand beaches and clear water to enjoy without the overpriced tag in the Caribbean. No matter what time of year you can get away, it will be beautiful. No need to worry about planning a trip during a bad weather season. Aruba even has a slogan that can be seen all over the island, “One Happy Island.”

Punta Cana

A short flight away is the Dominican Republic and on the eastern tip is Punta Cana. There are many resorts to be found here, some for the whole family and many that are children-free. Whichever type of vacation you are looking for, you can find it here. Another opportunity you have here is to leave the beach behind and go into the trees for a different adventure. They have caves to explore, lagoons to swim in, and zip-lines to fly down. One option is all-inclusive resorts like the Occidental Caribe, a budget-friendly place to stay.

Riviera Maya

Mexico is a summer tourist favorite, and depending on where you go, it can cost more than you want to spend. Spend some time on the coastline of Riviera Maya, and your bank account will thank you. There are plenty of hotels and all-inclusive resorts to choose from, along with the chance to rent apartments. Apartments will also help to cut down on the food bill by cooking for yourself. Flights into this peninsula happen often, and deals can be easily found. Check out all the activities to fill your days with while enjoying the beaches at Riviera Maya.

Puerto Rico

Islands are the way to go when searching for an exotic beach to enjoy. Beaches are all over, some perfect for family trips and others more for the adventurous. Snorkel off of the beaches or go to the nearby uninhabited island to snorkel. The cheapest way to enjoy your time in Puerto Rico may be to rent a cheap apartment for a week. It will be worth it to explore the beaches and all the other activities in the mountains.

South Padre Island

Texas isn’t the first place you think of when you hear the word beach. It has some exciting white sandy beaches surrounded by calm water in the Gulf of Mexico. After you enjoy the sun and lounge on the beach, you can make the short drive into the city. There are beachside hotels like Best Western, averaging one hundred dollars a night to choose from.

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