Traveling is starting to pick back up, and with over a year of no traveling, your luggage may be out of date. Over time suitcases begin to break down, and the last thing you want is for them to break during your first flight. Another lousy mistake is buying the first thing that you see. Do a little research and find the best suitcases in your price range. You will be thanking yourself when you have no issues rolling through the airports on the way to all your adventures. Here are some great options to check out.


The first brand that needs to be mentioned is Samsonite. It has been around for around 100 years, starting as a trunk manufacturer. Now they make the best soft- and hard-shelled luggage in every size. The price range is in the low to middle range. There are multiple styles and colors to choose from. You are bound to find one you like. They are sold Samsonite, eBags, Zappos, Macy’s, and Amazon. Some of the older models could be found at your local Ross for a great price.

Travel Pro

Travel Pro is not the cheapest thing on the market, but it is worth the money. They are a mid-priced brand. An interesting fact about this brand is that an airline pilot created it. Flight crews are drawn this Travel Pro Luggage, and it is easy to see why. They are designed with frequent flyers in mind. If you spend a lot of time exploring the world, take a closer look, and you will find your ideal suitcase. They are all the bells and whistles and come with a lifetime warranty.

American Tourister

American Tourister has the same qualities and features as Samsonite, and for a good reason, Samsonite is owned. One difference is that they are meant for those that may not travel as much. While durable, they may not hold up if you are using them every weekend. One feature unique to this brand is that they do not leave the kids or young at heart out. In the line, they have suitcases decorated with Disney and Marvel Comics characters. An excellent option for those on a budget.

Eagle Creek

Do you travel off the beaten path into the outdoors instead of to an all-inclusive? A typical suitcase will not be ideal for you. The wheels wouldn’t roll to smooth off of pavement. The Eagle Creek has just what you need. Perfect for the airport fitting all the requirements, but most have backpack straps to be easily carried once you get to your adventure. All are weather-resistant, making them super durable. They are slightly above mid-range in price. It will be worth it when they withstand all the environments you expose them to, keeping all your belongings safe and dry.

Get the luggage of your dreams and start traveling to make up for all the lost time.

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