If you have no international travel plans this year, you can find beautiful places to stay close to home. Plan a road trip and make reservations at one of America’s many historic hotels. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to find a combination of charm and history that will make your trip memorable.

El Tovar Hotel, Grand Canyon Village, AZ

Fans of the Old West will fall in love with the rustic charm of this hotel. Operating since 1905, it’s located inside the Grand Canyon National Park. This means you’ll be able to stay somewhere beautiful while soaking in the amazing views.

Napa River Inn- Napa, CA

California has a rich history from top to bottom. Napa has always been a highly sought after destination because of the expansive wineries. The Napa River Inn has capitalized on the charm and beauty of the surrounding scenery. What was once a mill and warehouse is now a hotel with rooms boasting river views and fireplaces. The best part? You’re a short distance from the wineries. You can easily engage in a delicious cycle of wine, food and naps.

Palmer House- Chicago, IL

Listen up, music fans! Palmer House has been host to some of the biggest names in the industry. From Ella Fitzgerald to Louis Armstrong, this hotel has seen some incredible talent. Although it’s a beautiful and popular property, things started off poorly for this business. Thirteen days after opening their doors, Chicago was drastically impacted by the Great Chicago Fire. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, Palmer house recovered wonderfully.

Hotel Monteleone- New Orleans, LA

In true New Orleans fashion, this hotel is a vision of historic elegance and luxury. It’s located in the French Corner and boasts a revolving saloon created from an antique merry-go-round. Can you think of anything that represents New Orleans better than that? This hotel first opened in 1886 and has been both owned and operated by the Monteleone family for five generations.

The Colony Hotel- Kennebunkport, ME

The Colony Hotel is has been known to capture the very essence of the Maine coast for over 100 years. It’s traditional, expansive white exterior is a well- known landmark.  Enjoy the beautiful rooms and scenery. Most importantly, don’t forget to sample some lobster!

The Greenbriar- White Sulphur Springs, WV

For those interested in history, interesting geographical elements and classic interior design, The Greenbriar is the perfect place to visit. As with many early American hotels, they’re located near natural hot springs. The décor, a mixture of color with bold florals, is what draws many patrons to the hotel today. However, it also has a past in politics. There’s a secret bunker on the property that was used to house Congress during the Cold War. With a lot of history and even more charm, this hotel is a must see.

Discover beauty and adventure locally by finding a historical hotel to patron.

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